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Beech Porridge Spurtle

Beech Porridge Spurtle

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Cook your porridge like a true Scot.... The spurtle has a long history in Scotland where it was used to stir the oats as they softened slowly in the pot. Today's oatmeal doesn't take nearly as long to cook, but why not keep in touch with tradition and use a spurtle anyway? And apart from cooking your morning bowl of oatmeal, it will find many other uses in your kitchen. Your wooden spurtle won't scratch your pots No need to worry about scratching pots or pans with cookware made from wood! And that's not all. Recent studies have found that wood contains chemicals that fight bacterial growth. Your spurtle is easy to care for: Just wash your spurtle in warm soapy water and leave it to dry thoroughly. If you wish, you may occasionally wipe your spurtle with a little mineral oil to renew the finish. I don't recommend using cooking oils as some types can go rancid.

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